Melody Reigns

How soundtracks and sound design complete a visual story has always resonated with me.

“Composition is in my blood. My Finnish mother would say it’s our family connection to Sibelius, who knows. As a child, I’d sit at the piano next to my Grandfather, watching my fingers dance instinctively beside his.

“Later, an arts degree, majoring in cinema studies, led to being part of the highly successful synthpop outfit Static Icon.

“In 2020 I created the prolific Montage Collective; composing, producing and collaborating with artists worldwide from my studio in Melbourne, Australia. 

“I compose soundtracks to complete a visual story.”

Timo Jalkanen

Latest News

Timo Jalkanen releases his first entirely instrumental album Interiors.

Composed originally as a musical, Interiors presents each of the ten songs in instrumental form.

Described as “Emotional, poignant and boldly theatrical”, Interiors provides a perfect introduction to Timo’s musical signature: A rich melodic blend of modern electronica layered with classical orchestration.

Listen to Interiors exclusively here before its release:

Album Highlights

A full orchestral opening to the album with Sisu and the solo strings of Battle Within.

Analogue electronica layering over fretless bass and sax form the haunting Ghosts In You and End of Suffering.

Piano, woodwind and electronica blend seamlessly on Unfinished Boy, Splinters of Me and Golden Fuse.

Electronica meets piano on Girlfriend Experience, Protector/Oppressor and Interloper.







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